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Our Microscopes

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E Inverted Microscope

  • Nikon Eclipse Ti -E with Perfect Focus, Motorized TIRF Illuminator, calibrated for VIAFLIC/SAIM Surface-generated structured illumination microscopy

  • Omicron fiber-coupled laser combiner: 50 mW 488 nm, 60 mW 561 nm

  • OkoLab Temperature, Humidity, CO2 controller for Live cell imaging

  • Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 sCMOS camera

  • Lumencor SOLA for Epifluorescence excitation

  • Cairn OptoLED for Diascopic illumination

  • Objective Lenses: 60X NA 1.49 Apo TIRF, 60 X NA1.2 WI, 100X NA 1.45 Plan Apo, 40X NA 1.3 Plan Fluor, 20X NA 0.45 ELWD, 20X NA 0.75

  • Nikon NIS-Elements

  • Application: Immunofluorescence Microscopy, Interference Reflectance Microscopy (IRM), VIAFLIC/SAIM Superresolution Microscopy, FRET Microscopy, Fluorescence Speckle Microscopy, Live cell DIC/Phase-contrast/epifluorescence microscopy.

  • Read about our implementation of VIAFLIC/SAIM (SI Methods) in Liu et al., PNAS 2015

Also check out the state-of-the-art microscopes at MBI core facilities

iPALM 3D-Superresolution Microscope  see also iPALM page

  • For theoretical foundations and detailed construction/operation/calibration info, see Shtengel et al PNAS 2009Shtengel et al Methods. Cell Biol. 2014

  • See our JoVE video article on using the iPALM

  • Dual-opposed Nikon 60X NA 1.49 Apo TIRF objective lenses

  • Custom 3-way Hess multiphase beamsplitter (Rocky Mountain Instrument)

  • Custom-machined Invar Chassis and Mountings

  • Piezo Controllers: Physik Instrument & Newport (Picomotors)

  • Servo Controllers: ThorLabs

  • Optomechanical Components: Newport, ThorLabs, & Melles Griot

  • Filters and Custom Notch Mirror: Semrock & Reynard Corp.

  • 3 EMCCD (Andor Ixon Ultra)

  • Coherent Lasers: Cube 405 nm, 100 mW; Sapphire 488 nm , 200 mW; Sapphire 561 nm 200 mW; Obis 642 nm, 100 mW.

  • A-A AOTF.

  • Control PCs: 4 Dell with Intel i5 processor with LabVIEW 2010 on Windows 7 Enterprise.

  • On-site Image Processing Workstations (2): Intel Xeon with 32 threads & 192 GB memory.

  • MBI Linux Computing clusters (2): 24-Nodes Xeon Cluster & 256 GB memory and 11-Node PBS cluster

Nanoscale Mechano biology
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